Our Organization

A Team of Passionate Engineers & Creators.

Our core team is comprised of diverse members from around the world, all sharing a unified vision for the future of data management.

Mission Statement

"Build the perfect data platform." No easy task, especially for open-source software, but our team is dedicated to seeing it through. By staying small and agile, we remain completely focused on the product itself, avoiding the financial trap that often comes with taking on capital too early and concentrating solely on sales and rapid expansion. We believe in stable, informed growth, with every decision based on real-world usage and research.

— The Directus Team

Our Team

An International Team, Headquartered in Brooklyn, New York.

Though formally located in NYC, our team is decentralized by design, working from home, shared spaces, and remote studios around the world. We come together each day via our digital "offices" on Discord and GitHub, and our various telepresence services. Learn more about joining our team!

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Our Timeline

The Directus Story

Directus was created in 2004, a decade before the term "headless CMS" started trending. We've spent that time iterating through versions, carefully crafting an ideal user experience, and honing in on the perfect data platform.

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Check out the various positions on our Careers page to see if there's a job that fits your skillset. We'd love to hear from you!