Introducing Directus 8
Data-First Headless CMS & API

Directus is an open-source tool that wraps custom SQL databases with a dynamic API, and provides an intuitive admin app for managing its content. Self-host for free, or use our on-demand Cloud service to manage all your omni-channel digital experiences.


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So, what makes Directus so special?


Freedom to Innovate

Choose the libraries, tools, and stack that best suit your project. Directus lets you build one-of-a-kind experiences.


Self-Hosted or Cloud

Directus is completely free when self-hosted, or quickly spin up managed instances on our Cloud platform.


All Platforms & Devices

Our headless approach lets you build websites, native apps, wearables, kiosks, IoT devices... any data-driven project.


Free & Open-Source

That's right! Completely free, premium software, with no feature limitations or licenses, for personal or commercial use.


Pure SQL Content

Directus mirrors exactly what's in your SQL database. No proprietary data-model or content storage — you're in charge.


Whitelabel with your Brand

Add your logo and custom theme to tailor the Admin App to match your company's identity. All Directus branding is optional.

Okay, well what types of projects can Directus manage? The short answer is... all of them!

How would you like to connect to content?

Direct to Database
Your SQL Databasestorage
Directus App & API
Blogs, Websites, & WebAppslaptop_chromebook

Directus provides a dynamic API for any new or existing SQL database. Choose between REST or GraphQL endpoints and you'll be knee-deep in JSON before you know it!

If your project application is on the same server as its database, you can remove that last shred of latency and connect directly with SQL queries. Remember, you are in control of the actual database schema – Directus stays out of the way.

Directus can be used as a Standalone Application. Create anything from internal productivity tools to business intelligence platforms. No development required.

  • laptop_chromebook Websites
  • smartphone Native Apps
  • tablet Kiosks
  • watch Wearables
  • kitchen IoT Devices
  • videogame_asset Game Data
  • dashboard SaaS Platforms
  • shopping_cart E-Commerce
  • photo_library Asset Management
  • developer_board Experiments
  • 360 VR & AR
  • scatter_plot Raw Data

A customizable toolkit, not a one-size-fits-all behemoth. Every feature of the framework is modular and highly customizable — so you'll never outgrow Directus.

Directus is gorgeous! I read through the docs last night and set it up locally. It really does appear to be the CMS of my dreams. Honestly surprised that it's not getting far more attention.”

This project is absolutely awesome. The concept is unbeatable, I am quite literally shocked. For most people this is a game changer, a massive time saver, and something for the visually inclined to love.”

At last, a CMS that does what I want! The flexibility to develop the front-end without being restricted by how the CMS needs to work, while removing the need to manually develop tedious admin forms.”

We use Directus for all of our web applications and content delivery networks. It is easy to learn and extend, is platform agnostic, and allows us to customize database architecture per client.”

The things that other CMS do well, Directus simply does better. In addition to its countless great features, it also allows us to deliver custom solutions quickly and reliably to our clients.”

A trusted solution for complex or highly scalable projects. Directus powers over a million websites, native apps, and enterprise-level ecosystems worldwide.