The All-New Directus 7
Future-Proof Headless CMS

We've completely rebuilt the Directus 7 App from the ground-up in Vue.js and decoupled it from our new "versionless" API. Now it's even easier to manage all of your omni-channel content in one unopinionated place.

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No assumptions. That’s our motto, and we mean it. It’s your content, your workflow, your stack, your servers, and your database – Directus stays out of the way.


Completely Customizable

You have total control over the database, so you can architect and optimize with no limitations. And nearly every aspect of Directus is modular and extensible – so you'll never hit a ceiling.

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Full Internationalization

Manage multilingual content in as many languages as your project needs. And for international teams, the Directus App itself supports 10+ locales out-of-the-box.

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Modular Authentication

Choose from the built-in Directus Auth or any of our modular SSO options: Google, Okta, GitHub, Twitter, and Facebook. For enterprise, we also support SCIM so you can remotely manage your users from Active Directory or elsewhere.

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Roles & Permissions

In addition to the basic CRUD support you'd expect, we've added: user/role scoping, field-level read/write permissions, IP whitelisting, update explanation enforcement, allowed statuses, and fully-customizable authoring workflows.

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Pure, decoupled content. Directus stores all your data unaltered, in SQL databases designed by you. Connect to your data from anywhere everywhere.

How would you like to connect to your data?

Your SQL Databasestorage
Directus Content APIswap_vert
Your App + Directus JS SDKperson

Whether building a webapp or warehousing data from IoT devices, the Directus API is both RESTful and versionless. Easily add a dynamic API layer to your new or existing SQL database – you'll be knee-deep in JSON before you know it.

If your project application is on the same server as its database, you can remove that last shred of latency and connect directly with SQL queries. Remember, you are in control of the actual database schema – Directus stays out of the way.

Directus can also be used as an closed/internal tool. For example, if you just need a custom Project Management app, you can build one in minutes with Directus and it never needs to connect to anything... but it can if you change your mind later!

  • JavaScript JavaScript
  • Node.JS NodeJS
  • Ruby Ruby
  • Python Python
  • .NET .NET
  • Java
  • Objective C Objective C
  • Swift Swift
  • Android Android
  • Go Go
  • cURL cURL

Directus is a simple toolkit, not a one-size-fits-all behemoth. Every aspect of the framework can be tailored, extended, or even bypassed if needed. Truly limitless.

Directus is gorgeous! I read through the docs last night and set it up locally. It really does appear to be the CMS of my dreams. Honestly surprised that it's not getting far more attention.”

This project is absolutely awesome. The concept is unbeatable, I am quite literally shocked. For most people this is a game changer, a massive time saver, and something for the visually inclined to love.”

At last! A CMS that does what I want - flexibility to develop with my data how I want on the front-end, without being restricted to how the CMS wants to work, while at the same time removing the need to manually develop all the tedious back-end admin forms to add, edit and manage content.”

We use Directus for all of our web applications and content delivery networks. It is easy to learn and extend, is platform agnostic, and allows us to customize database architecture per client.”

The things that other CMS do well, Directus simply does better. In addition to its countless great features, it also allows us to deliver custom solutions quickly and reliably.”

A trusted solution for brands at scale. Whether powering a native app, a network of IoT devices, or an enterprise ecosystem, Directus can handle whatever you throw at it.