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Open-Source Data Platform

An Instant App & API for your SQL Database.

Directus wraps your new or existing SQL database with a realtime GraphQL+REST API for developers, and an intuitive admin app for non-technical users.

Database Mirroring

Manage pure SQL database content.

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    Your data, pristine and portable

    You are in total control of how your data is structured and stored. Directus stays out of the way.

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    Choose your SQL vendor

    Supports PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, Microsoft SQL Server, OracleDB, MariaDB, AWS Aurora and more.

  • code

    The full power of SQL queries

    Connect directly to your database and run complex SQL queries with no added API latency.

The Directus API

An instant REST and GraphQL API.

  • fast_forward

    Rapidly design new APIs

    Quickly create a custom API using an existing SQL schema, or our App's intuitive data modeler.

  • rule

    Auth & rule-based permissions

    Granular access control allows you to define custom workflows for any of your unlimited user roles.

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    Hooks & custom endpoints

    Extend the core API with additional endpoints, response filters, webhooks, and event logic.

The Directus App

An intuitive admin application.

  • explore

    Code-free data exploration

    An intuitive app that democratizes your data, making it accessible to non-technical users with no training.

  • security

    Safe and secure by design

    Soft-delete, complete revision history, activity logs, and support for SSO, OAuth2, OpenID, and 2FA.

  • palette

    Customize & white-label

    Tailor every aspect of the app, even replace all the Directus branding, to truly make it your own.

Connected Projects

Your omnichannel digital experiences.

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    Digital experience content

    Manage omnichannel content for websites, kiosks, SaaS platforms, native apps, e-commerce, and more.

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    Real-time devices & raw data

    Data infrastructure for IoT devices, gaming platforms, VR/AR apps, microcontroller projects, and more.

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    Internal app builder

    Build tailored systems for CRM, inventory, business intelligence, project management, or dashboards.

Key Features

Powerful digital tools for managing your data.

Directus is a feature-rich data platform with a multitude of options for content authors, database administrators, managers, and developers.

Use Cases

Democratize your data. Explore the possibilities.

Break down departmental data silos to empower solutions across your entire enterprise. Discover the value of data unity with Directus.

Up Next

Directus Open-Source

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