Our mission is to democratize data for everyone.

Directus is an Open Data Platform purpose-built for democratizing the world's data. By staying small and agile, we remain completely focused on the product itself, avoiding the financial trap that often comes with taking on capital too early and concentrating solely on sales and rapid expansion. We believe in stable, informed growth, with every decision based on real-world usage and research.

A team of passionate creators

We are a team of developers, designers, innovators, and entrepreneurs, all laser-focused on building something truly amazing.

place Brooklyn, New York

While we're now decentralized, years of being based in NYC, we still consider it home... and the unofficial headquarters of Monospace Inc, our parent company.

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The Core Team

The key members responsible for creating, maintaining, and sharing the vast open-source ecosystem of Directus.


Our advisors bring decades of industry-leading experience to help guide our products, services, and organization.


We're backed by leading B2B investors that share our vision for democratizing data at a global scale.

Key Contributors

Beyond the Core Team, there are been many people who have helped craft Directus over our 17 years of product evolution.

Key Sponsors

A huge thank you to all of our amazing supporters, backers, and GitHub Sponsors.

The best community in the world

Open-source software is maintained by few, but built by many. We're grateful for every single contributor, collaborator, and pull-request.

Brand assets

Directus (duh REKT iss) is Latin for: laid straight, arranged in lines. The goal of our platform is to present data in a simple, orderly, and intuitive way. We use Inter for our typography, and have included a vector logo kit below.

Download logo kit

Nice to meet you

Directus, formally Monospace Inc, is an open-source workshop creating some of the most powerful data software available today. Chat with us to learn more!

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