Directus Studio

Democratize your data in minutes, not months

A no-code collaboration app built to democratize your data. The Directus Studio enables all business users to browse, manage and visualize your database.

No-Code App

Turn any database into a beautiful no-code app

Directus introspects your SQL database, instantly layering a full-featured admin experience on top.

  • checkModern codebase built on Node.js and Vue.js
  • checkFull internationalization for global teams
  • checkNo core paywalls or artificial limitations
  • checkModular and extensible, with no feature ceiling
Data Management

Enable all your teams to browse and manage data

A powerful GUI for engineers and an intuitive no-code app for non-technical users — the Directus Studio instantly democratizes your database. Users can safely browse, filter, and manage data within a beautiful, fully-customized experience.

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File Management

Powerful digital asset management built-in

Simply connect your local filesystem or S3-compatible storage adapters, and you're ready to go. Our full-featured DAM platform helps all your teams organize their files, and relationally interconnect them with the rest of your data.

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Data Visualization

Create custom dashboards for meaningful insights

Anyone can build business intelligence dashboards in minutes with Directus Insights, our no-code charting and analytics module. Add tailored panels for metrics, dynamic lists, time-series, meters, and more — then reposition and resize to your heart's content.

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Workflow Automation

Automate simple tasks or complex processes

Choose from various event triggers, and then drag and drop conditions and operations to create automated workflows. The data payload flows through the custom logic you configure, and can even trigger other flows. All with detailed logs tracking the data's journey.

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White-Label Solution

Customize everything, make it yours

Directus is an unopinionated framework that welcomes end-to-end customization, so you never worry about outgrowing the platform.


A feature-rich experience

In case you're still looking for more, below are a handful of other notable capabilities built into the core Directus Studio.

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  • In addition to our perfect rating on G2, Directus was also awarded six major accolades for the Summer 2022 quarter. These include High Performer, Easiest to Use, Best ROI, Most Likely to Recommend, and more.
    G2 — 5.0 out of 5 rating
    Summer 2022 Quarter
  • Tripadvisor is using Directus to bring our products, data and content closer together. This will allow our users to plan and experience travel in new and innovative ways.”
    Antoine Veliz
    VP, Design at Tripadvisor
  • “We had departments using many different CMS. They ranged from extremely expensive to open-source projects. Directus has proven to be better than all the others.”
    Dr. Brian Myers
    Principal Cloud Engineer at Bose
  • Directus unifies our data coming in from across the country, adding value, and redistributing the consolidated data back out to stakeholders with its built-in API. Directus also acts as a validation and improvement tool, allowing non-technical staff to manually verify or flag issues with generated data connections.”
    Brent Cartier
    Strategy Lead for Digital Services, Canadian Government

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