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Cloud Policies

Important Information for our Cloud Services.

If you do not agree with all of the policies below, please do not use any of the Directus Cloud services.

This Fair Usage Policy is a key part of the agreement between you and Monospace Inc (the managing entity of Directus), which regulates your use of the Directus Cloud services. If you do not agree with this Fair Usage Policy, do not use any of the Directus Cloud services. The limits outlined below apply only to current plans. If the limits within your Enterprise Cloud Service Agreement differ from those below, the Service Agreement supersedes.

Fair Usage limits can only be exceeded if your organization has a valid payment method on file. Overage fees are only applied after the initial metrics above are exceeded within a billing period. All billing is based on the maximum number reached during the billing period.

All usage is measured on a calendar monthly basis, with usage reset on the first day of each new billing period. For example, if you signed up on the 15th, your usage period is set to be from 15th to 14th of a calendar month.

Archived & Soft-Deleted Items

All users are included in the total user count, regardless of their status. That means that draft, invited, suspended, and archived users all still count towards the fair use policy limit. Similarly, all items, regardless of if they are archived or soft-deleted, are counted towards the total items limit.

System Data

While system collections are not counted towards fair use limits, all items within those collections are counted. This includes all activity logs and item revisions.

Standard Cloud

Directus Standard Cloud projects may serve cached API/Asset data, and/or impose caps on API request overages, asset bandwidth overages, or total asset storage. Directus Cloud cannot provide response time guarantees to Standard Cloud customers — it could take from a couple of hours to several days, depending on the queue and the nature of your inquiry.

To ensure the best possible experience for all Cloud customers, we enforce technical limits. If your organization's usage exceeds the technical limits, we reserve the right to take corrective action, including but not limited to the throttling of API requests or suspending/terminating your account. If you do not agree with the technical limitations described below then do not use any of the Directus Cloud services. Teams are subject to the following cummulative limits:

Only our Enterprise Cloud service includes premium support by default. Each base agreement covers one (1) hour of premium support per month, however much like the other metrics of the agreement, this built-in retainer can be expanded to whatever your organization requires.

While our Standard Cloud service does not include premium support, customers can take advantage of our Community Support, or purchase an add-on premium support retainer.

With millions of Self-Hosted users, unfortunately our team doesn't have the bandwidth to help everyone. Users of our free and open-source platform can make use of our Community Support, or purchase an add-on premium support retainer.

Regardless of how you use Directus, if you believe you have found an issue with the Directus Platform itself, please open a GitHub ticket so our team can triage/fix the problem.

Premium Support Retainers

Premium support for Directus is only offered via retainer agreements through Monospace Inc, our parent company. Each agreement requires a minimum number of retained hours per month, and a minimum duration of three months. Shorter, one-off support is not sustainable due to administrative overhead.

Contact our sales team to learn more about premium support retainer add-ons, or visit GitHub Sponsors to browse informal retainer options (no response-time SLA) that can be acquired instantly.

Response times vary depending on support method, SLA terms, and time of day, but typically support is available from 9am to 5pm ET, Monday through Friday (excluding US holidays), via the following channels.

Not Supported

Below are a few topics we can not help with unless explicitly itemized in your service agreement.

System Status

Our System Status page shows the most up-to-date info on our servers and infrastructure. Our entire platform is constantly monitored by our staff and dedicated monitoring software. We're usually the first to report issues, but if you're having difficulty accessing one of our systems please report it.

At this time, we do not offer refunds for accidental project creations or abandoned projects, even when those instances may have remained empty or idle. Regardless of usage, each Standard Cloud project runs on its own dedicated hardware, and therefore incurs infrastructure costs upon creation. For this reason, please create projects judiciously, and continue to closely monitor your projects and overages over time. Our Cloud Dashboard offers a "Payment Forwarding" feature to ensure your team is made aware of any monthly charges.

Keep in mind that you can destroy your projects at any time to stop payments. Follow this guide to destroy a project and terminate its paid subscription.