Cloud Policies

Important information for our Cloud services.

The following terms apply to our Standard and Enterprise Cloud services. Please read carefully and ensure you agree before using our services.

This Fair Usage Policy is a key part of the agreement between you and Monospace Inc (the managing entity of Directus), which regulates your use of the Directus Cloud services. If you do not agree with this Fair Usage Policy, do not use any of the Directus Cloud services. The limits outlined below apply only to current plans. If the limits within your Enterprise Cloud Service Agreement differ from those below, the Service Agreement supersedes.

Standard Cloud
You can use our self-service Cloud Dashboard to create Standard Cloud tier projects. These projects may serve cached API/Asset data, and/or impose caps on API request overages, asset bandwidth overages, total asset storage, or other metrics.

Standard Cloud projects are subject to the following technical limits:

Standard Cloud MetricMax
Total Database Size5GB
Total Asset Storage100GB
Bandwidth Usage / month100GB
Requests / month1,000,000
Relational Depth / request4
Items Read / request100
Payload size / request5MB
Image Size in Transformations6000px x 6000px
Upload File Size50MB
Simultaneous Upload Transformations5

Enterprise Cloud
Details of each Enterprise project is outlined in its Enterprise Cloud Service Agreement. Contact our sales team for more information and pricing.

To ensure the best possible experience for all Cloud customers, we enforce technical limits. If your usage exceeds the following technical limits, we reserve the right to take corrective action, including but not limited to the throttling of API requests or suspending/terminating your account. If you do not agree with the technical limitations described below then do not use any of the Directus Cloud services.

Local & Self-Hosted
Due to the vast number self-hosted projects (over 23 million), our team simply doesn't have the resources to help everyone. Users self-hosting our open-source software can take advantage of our Community Support, or contact our sales team to discuss an add-on support agreement.

Standard Cloud
Paying users can take advantage of our Community Support for software and configuration questions, or report service issues to our Support Team. We will make reasonable efforts to ensure Standard Cloud service remains online and performant, however we do not provide uptime or response-time guarantees to Standard Cloud customers. Responses to service-related questions could take from a couple of hours to several days, depending on the queue and the nature of your inquiry. If you're interested in learning more about elevated support options, or purchasing an add-on premium support agreement, please contact our sales team.

Enterprise Cloud
Enterprise Cloud customers have access to both Basic and Premium support options with response-time SLAs. Contact our sales team to learn more about premium support retainer add-ons.

Support Exclusions
Across all of our support options, there are a few topics that we can not help with unless explicitly itemized in your service agreement:

At this time, we do not offer refunds for accidental project creations or abandoned projects, even when those instances may have remained empty or idle. Regardless of usage, each Cloud project reserves its own hardware, and therefore incurs infrastructure costs upon creation. For this reason, please create projects judiciously, and continue to closely monitor your projects over time. Our Cloud Dashboard offers a "Billing Contact" feature to ensure your team is made aware of any monthly charges.

Keep in mind that projects can be destroyed at any time via the Cloud Dashboard.

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