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Key Contributors Rewards Program

By Ben Haynes on May 31, 2021

Our Key Contributors Program formally recognizes and rewards passionate individuals that stand out amongst the vast Directus community. This invite-only initiative is offered to those that provide ongoing, meaningful contributions to our ecosystem.

We're constantly on the lookout for community members that share our vision. When we find someone who consistently goes above and beyond in helping us improve and enrich our community... we reach out!

Once selected, you get access to some awesome perks, and Key Contributors who remain active also get access to amazing ongoing rewards.

Community Activity

Below are just a few of the ways you can contribute to the Directus ecosystem.

  • Start a local meetup, hackathon, or event
  • Advocate for Directus online through social platforms
  • Help out other users on our Community Support chat
  • Submit pull-requests for fixes or new features
  • Report or reproduce bugs via GitHub Issues
  • Help improve our platform documentation
  • Create technical content, such as articles or video tutorials

Lifetime Perks

Once selected, you'll get indefinite access to the following perks.

  • Sending you a care package of Shirts, Stickers, Pins, Bags, etc
  • Community shout-out and inclusion on our website's team page
  • Professional recommendations for your work within the ecosystem

Active Member Rewards

For members who remain active, we are happy to offer the following rewards.

  • Discounts for your team's On-Demand Cloud projects
  • Insight and involvement in our product's vision, roadmap, and development
  • Elevated role and permissions within our Discord chat
  • Pathway to becoming an official maintainer or Directus Core Team member
    • See below to learn more about Core Contributors

Core Contributor

While we certainly can't afford to pay all Key Contributors for their efforts, we do offer financial compensation to "Core" Contributors via GitHub Sponsors. If you've shown an ongoing commitment to the project, and are helping us advance the ecosystem in a meaningful way, we are happy to discuss you officially joining the team as a Core Contributor.

Structured as an independent contractor, Core Contributors are our part-time team members. If you're already happy with your current position, but still want an opportunity to be a part of our amazing team, this is an excellent option. Chat with us on Discord if you're interested!

Want to write for us?

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