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Announcing Our Latest Insights Module Upgrades

By Kevin Lewis on February 24, 2023

With the Directus Insights Module, you can create custom dashboards and reports using a drag-and-drop interface from one or multiple data sources. The module also includes advanced filtering and sorting options, so you can drill down into your data and find the insights that matter most.

Today, we're announcing four new panes for our Insights Module - bar charts, meters, line charts, and pie/donut charts! These panes will help you create even more insightful and visually engaging dashboards for your data. They are available immediately to Directus Cloud and Enterprise Self-Hosted Projects.

Examples of bar charts including sales by region, workshop attendees, ad reach by age, and download sources.

Bar charts are great for comparing different data points or categories. For example, you could use a bar chart to show the amount of feedback given on different products, the revenue generated by different regions, or your ad reach.

Examples of meters including funding target, on-time deliveries, temperature in-bounds, and sentiment.

Meters are perfect for visualizing a single data point and showing it against a target or threshold. You could use a meter to show the percentage of website traffic that is converting to leads, the number of package deliveries made on-time, or the percentage of positive sentiment received from a survey.

Examples of line charts including market share, user count, asset value by month, and office CO2 tracker.

Line charts are ideal for showing trends over time. You could use a line chart to visualize the growth of your company's revenue over the past year, followers on Twitter over the course of a marketing campaign, or the fluctuations in website traffic over the past month.

Examples of pie charts including products purchased, assets by type, how did you hear about us, and students by year.

Pie and donut charts, apart from making us hungry, are great for showing the composition of a whole. For example, you could use a pie chart to show the percentage of tasks completed by each team member, what percentage of different assets your company owns, or the percentage of each answer in a "how did you hear about us" question.

We hope this announcement helps you get the most out of our Insights Module and you enjoy playing around with new ways to visualize your data.

You can check out all of the documentation for our new panels, and feel free to drop into our Discord server if you have any questions.

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