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How Does Directus Help You Democratize Your Data?

By Directus Staff on June 6, 2022

Democratizing data company-wide is a goal for any modern enterprise, but many struggle to find a way to unlock their data. In the past, intuitive solutions for all users with varying technical skill levels were lacking, but thanks to Directus, democratizing data across your business for anyone to connect, manage and visualize data is easier than you may think.

Directus seamlessly layers on top of any new or existing database, democratizing access to the data through a robust set of tools. Your data stays exactly as it was – no vendor lock-in, no migration. The API and a no-code application enable users – from engineers to non-technical business users – to quickly connect, manage and visualize data, to make informed business decisions.

True Data Democratization

Other platforms are limited to domain-specific data, customers, inventory, business intelligence, content, and so on. However, companies are capturing new data at an increasing rate, forcing the adoption of numerous services with siloed data and tenuous integrations. While Directus is unrivaled in many of these categories, its true power comes from its ability to democratize access to anything you store in the database. Directus also provides robust capabilities and a familiar and intuitive experience across the broader data landscape.

The Directus Engine is an API layer that instantly allows accessing nested relational data across your database using either a Graph or REST format. It also includes configurable automation workflows, alerting, webhooks, and asset transformation and delivery. To keep things secure, all access is gated by built-in authentication using SSO, LDAP, and OAuth2, with granular role permissions defined using rule-based access control.

The Directus Studio allows both engineers and non-technical users to organize and manage that same data through a safe and intuitive no-code collaboration app. Data can be viewed in many different ways, such as in a table, map, calendar, media view, or kanban layout — and robust charting dashboards can easily be created to gain meaningful insights. Best of all, everyone can make informed decisions based on that data. This is true data democratization.

A Powerful Toolkit and an Open-Source Spirit

Since 2004, Directus has been committed to driving innovation, and that begins with our support for every major SQL database vendor, including Postgres, MySQL, SQLite, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, CockroachDB, and more. Much like a carpenter’s toolbelt, Directus offers a powerful set of tools that, when combined, can be used to build almost any data-driven application – internal dashboards, no-code back-office tools, connectivity for fleets of IoT devices, content for knowledge bases and digital experiences, or even a data-backbone for building SaaS applications. Directus also plays well with other vendors. The platform follows the OpenAPI Specification, is fully extensible, and ships with event hooks to integrate custom logic and third-party services.

The bottom line is there’s a ton of flexibility and plenty of use cases to explore.

Getting started with Directus is easy, and you can start building in 90 seconds! Try Directus Cloud, or reach out to our Enterprise sales team.

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