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How Directus and Supabase Are Partnering to Support Backend Developers

By Benjamin Haynes on October 12, 2022

Collaboration inspires innovation – and when two market leaders come together, a powerful combination of best-of-breed tools can provide big benefits to end users.

That’s why we're excited to talk about our partnership with Supabase, the open-source alternative to Firebase that’s designed to help developers spin up a backend in minutes. The platform provides an extensive suite of open-source tools to make Postgres database file storage, authentication, and edge functions accessible to developers of all skill levels.

While Directus also provides these capabilities, we bring something unique to the table. Our friendly, intuitive data management solution, Data Studio, makes it safe and easy for anyone in an organization – even non-technical business users – to browse, manage and visualize database content.

The powerful combination of Supabase and Directus Data Studio creates a “network effect.” Developers benefit from Supabase and its developer-centric administration app with the raw power to run SQL queries, while the Directus no-code app provides a user-friendly and secure way to democratize data across the organization. This makes effective collaboration between technical and business teams possible.

A Common Vision

Importantly, Directus and Supabase share a common vision for helping developers access and leverage their data. They both offer solutions that are open-source and provide flexible deployment options to suit a wide range of requirements. What’s more, Directus is completely un-opinionated and vendor-agnostic – characteristics that enable maximum choice and flexibility for building out digital projects.

“Directus has always been and always will be an open-source platform that is completely flexible and un-opinionated, and it’s important for us to partner with solution providers who take the same approach,” said Rijk Van Zanten, Co-founder and CTO of Directus. “Our no-code data management app is safe and intuitive enough for anyone to use, whether technical or non-technical and augments Supabase’s extensive feature set, enhancing the user experience.”

“At Supabase, our mission is to build an incredible developer experience around the world's best open source tools,” said Ant Wilson, Co-Founder & CTO at Supabase. “Our partnership with Directus further enhances the developer experience while driving additional business value for our customers through data democratization.”

Try It Out

We’ve created detailed documentation about how to seamlessly connect Directus with your Supabase PostgreSQL database. It walks you through creating a new Supabase project, installing Directus, and configuring the two to work together. Check it out!

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