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Directus Reaches 10 Million Docker Pulls — and Counting!

By Benjamin Haynes on October 30, 2021

For 17 years, Directus has been building momentum in the developer community, making it easier for developers to get up and running quickly with a flexible and performant solution for building out data-driven business applications. Developers love Directus because it works within their existing tech stack. And because it installs on top of existing SQL databases and provides an intuitive no-code app to hand off to business users, Directus slashes weeks or even months of the development cycle and reduces engineering overhead.

On October 28, 2021, we achieved the important milestone of 10 million docker downloads — and while we’re thrilled about the achievement, we’re not surprised. As more and more developers discover how easy it is to use our platform to create data-driven applications that make data accessible and manageable by technical and non-technical users alike, we are confident the download requests will keep coming!

Our Mission to Democratize Data

Despite its tremendous importance, only 14% of enterprises today make data broadly accessible to employees. Directus helps to democratize data across an organization so that everyone can use it securely and effectively.

If you’re not familiar with Directus, here’s are some key things you should know:

  • Directus can be used as a no-code headless CMS to power amazing omnichannel digital experiences for any channel. The platform also provides a complete set of building blocks for intuitive layouts and interfaces, making it easy and fast to create internal business apps for managing anything — from inventory to assets, projects, customer data, and more.
  • Data analysts can leverage Directus to consolidate, normalize and structure raw data from multiple sources for faster discovery, exploration, and visualization, with zero or minimal coding.
  • Directus is modular and extensible, providing unlimited flexibility with no hard feature ceiling and no vendor lock-in.
  • Your data stays unchanged. Directus installs over and mirrors existing SQL databases, without altering any schema or content.
  • Directus is available as a premium self-hosted app under its open-source license, or within a fully-managed standard or dedicated Enterprise Cloud solution.

While Directus was originally built on PHP-Zend, in 2020, we re-built the platform from the ground up in Node.js and introduced Directus 9, which offers 10X faster performance and a host of other benefits. As news of this major shift spreads across the developer community, we expect our Docker downloads to skyrocket, leaving our 10M downloads milestone in the dust.

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