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Say Goodbye to Manual Data Model Syncing with Schema Migration Endpoints

By Kevin Lewis on March 15, 2023

We are excited to announce the addition of schema migration endpoints to Directus!

These endpoints make it easy for users to apply updates to their schema quickly and safely, eliminating the need for manual data model synchronization when moving between Directus projects.

One of the most significant benefits of schema migration endpoints is that agencies can create a repeatable data model and use it across all their projects. This feature saves time and enhances consistency, enabling agencies to focus on their core competencies instead of starting from scratch each time.

Schema migration endpoints are also ideal for developers who have set up different projects in varying environments such as development or production.

They can easily apply development changes to their production environment without any manual intervention or the risk of losing custom options. Users can also move between different Directus infrastructure, including Enterprise, Standard Cloud, or Open Source.

Schema migration endpoints are available to all projects immediately. You can get started by following our guides on using our schema migration endpoints with online no-code tool Hoppscotch or with Node.js.

You can also check out our API reference for these endpoints.

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