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What's New In Directus 10.2

By Esther Agbaje on May 26, 2023

Today we are releasing Directus Version 10.2 with a host of new features, improvements, bug fixes, and optimizations. Let's take a closer look at what's new in this release.

Introducing Live Preview

One of the most exciting new features in Directus 10.2 is Live Preview. This feature allows users to see how changes to their data will affect the look of their site from within the Directus Data Studio. Users can configure a URL pattern for each collection and preview from an item page. From the live preview, users can also test their content at various device widths.

We have added a number of guides to our docs to help you set up a website for Live Preview. This feature is a game-changer for those who want to see how their content will look before publishing it.

Improved Translation Storage

We have overhauled how we store and retrieve translations. Prior to this release, Directus stored all languages together when translations were present. This meant that every time a translation was requested, all of the data was retrieved, even if only one language was needed.

Now, Directus stores translations separately, which means that it doesn't waste time retrieving data that isn't needed. This is a significant improvement that will make Directus faster and more efficient for users who work with multiple languages.

New Environment Variables For File Upload Safety Settings

Version 10.2 also includes new environment variables for file upload safety settings. These variables allow users to set file type and size limits, which can help prevent security issues and ensure that files are uploaded correctly.

These new environment variables are a welcome addition for users who need more control over their file uploads. They make it easy to set limits that are appropriate for their needs, without having to worry about security issues or other problems.

Bug Fixes and Optimizations

In addition to these new features and improvements, Directus 10.2 includes a number of bug fixes and optimizations. One significant bug that was fixed in this release caused self-hosted horizontally-scaled Directus instances to trigger a CRON-based Flow more than once. This was due to the fact that the various instances weren't aware of each other.

Directus now utilizes redis to synchronize schedule flows and schedule hooks between multiple instances connected to the same redis instance. This fix ensures that Directus works as expected, even when multiple instances are running.

Wrapping Up

Directus 10.2 is a significant release that brings a host of new features, improvements, bug fixes, and optimizations. The addition of Live Preview, improved translation storage, new environment variables for file upload safety settings, and bug fixes and optimizations make this release a must-have for Directus users.

If you haven't tried Directus yet, now is the perfect time to get started.

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