Directus Community Cloud is Completely Free, with No Quota Limits on Usage (Seriously!)

Jonathan Wagner • May 11, 2022

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Community Spotlight: ERD Generator Extension for Visualizing Data Relationships

John Daniels • Jan 24, 2023

Digital projects such as websites and SaaS applications that rely on data require complex relationships between data collections. The Directus Data Studio makes the process of configuring relational data models easier, faster and more intuitive via no-code configuration. Since Directus is completely unopinionated, users can build their data models any way they want, without being limited by opinionated schemas or rule systems.


Directus Spotlight: No-code Dashboards

Rijk van Zanten • Jan 23, 2023

Dashboards make our lives easier. From our online banking accounts to sports stats to website metrics, dashboards sum it all up, giving us at-a-glance insights into whatever it is we’re tracking.

Case Study Streamlines Content Management with Directus

Pedro Pizarro • Jan 11, 2023

A privately owned Australian SaaS business based in Melbourne, Australia, strives to empower businesses to take charge of their own growth. More than 6,500 businesses around the world use Gleam's apps — including Competitions, Rewards, Gallery & Capture — to power marketing campaigns.


Developer Relations at Directus: The First Month

Kevin Lewis • Dec 23, 2022

Kevin, Developer Relations Lead, introduces himself and explains what DevRel means for Directus going forward.


Libre vs. Gratis, what is Free and Open Source Software?

Ben Haynes • Dec 13, 2022

When you talk about the meaning of “free and open source software,” one way to frame the discussion is to observe the difference between the Latin terms for “free”: Libre and Gratis. Libre means "with little or no restriction," whereas Gratis means “at no monetary cost." There’s a subtle but important difference.


Hub and Spoke: A Better Way to Architect Your Tech Stack

Ben Haynes • Dec 5, 2022

The hub-and-spoke approach to architecting the technology stack combines the stability of a monolithic platform with the agility of microservices so that you can benefit from new capabilities and software innovation.


Tool vs. Feature: What’s the Difference?

Ben Haynes • Nov 29, 2022

Read any product marketing ad, datasheet, web copy or other deliverable, and you’ll see the word “feature” multiple times. Phrases such as “feature-rich” and “feature-packed” imply that the product offers a complete or innovative solution that is better than other available solutions with fewer features. “Tool” on the other hand, is often used interchangeably with “platform” or “solution,” to denote an individual, encapsulated “thing” that can be used to perform a specific action or set of actions.


5 Types of Relationships in Your SQL Database and Why They Matter

Rijk van Zanten • Nov 22, 2022

In the world of data storage, organization is essential – and one of the easiest ways to organize data is by creating relationships between data points. This is the basis of the relational database, which organizes data in predefined relationships where data is stored in tables of columns and rows (In Directus, these tables are called Collections). This structure makes it easy to understand how the various data collections relate to each other.


Open Source Software Company Directus Lands $7 Million in Series A Funding

John Booth • Nov 10, 2022

The round, led by True Ventures, comes after a breakout year for Directus as developers and business users alike turn to its open data platform to power digital experiences at scale.


Directus Update: Flows

Rijk van Zanten • Oct 18, 2022

Directus Flows enables data from multiple sources to flow seamlessly based on triggers and conditions that you define, making it fast and easy to implement custom event-driven data processing and workflow automation. Flows is a valuable tool, because it helps to eliminate manual tasks that can slow you down as you develop your innovative digital experiences with the Directus platform.


How Directus and Supabase Are Partnering to Support Backend Developers

Ben Haynes • Oct 12, 2022

Collaboration inspires innovation – and when two market leaders come together, a powerful combination of best-of-breed tools can provide big benefits to end users.

Case Study

Web Vision 360 Builds Interactive, Fast-loading Websites for Agency Clients with Directus

Pedro Pizarro • Oct 3, 2022

Based in Paris, Web Vision 360 is a private creative agency founded in 2016 by Anna Golovkova and Kiril Gorbatenko, two Ukrainian natives with a passion for design. The agency provides a variety of creative services to large and small organizations across many industries, including UI/UX design, Google Ads, video production and social media.


Directus Spotlight: Data Management

Rijk van Zanten • Oct 1, 2022

Directus enables technical and non-technical users to easily browse, visualize and manage data. Browsing is accomplished with Layouts, and Directus Insights provides an efficient way to visualize data. While browsing and visualizing data is certainly helpful, more than likely, you’ll also want to do something with the data, for example, create, update and delete it. The Directus API allows you to do that programmatically, but to truly democratize the data for business users, simple, intuitive, no-code ways of managing and working with data are necessary.

Case Study

Gaming Platform Deck Planet Sees 3X Performance Improvements at Half the Cost, with Directus

John Daniels • Sep 12, 2022

Play the Dragon Ball Super Card game? Then you should check out DeckPlanet, a high-performance one-stop platform built from the ground up to support players, local shops, and anyone interested in this popular game. The platform provides gamers with a user-friendly deckbuilding tool, along with information, tips, and tricks to help them optimize gameplay.


Technical Overview: Overhauling the Directus Insights Module

Rijk van Zanten • Aug 31, 2022

The Insights Module in Directus allows you to rapidly build a no-code analytics dashboard and set up key data metrics in just minutes. Each dashboard starts with a blank drag-and-drop canvas where you can add and organize different Panels, like Labels, Lists, Metrics, and Time Series, to quickly and easily build out customized insights. The Directus Insights Module can be extended, customized, and modified for teams that require highly advanced and specialized analytics.


Directus Spotlight: REST and GraphQL Behavior Parity

Rijk van Zanten • Aug 24, 2022

REST and GraphQL are two terms Directus throws around a lot – and there’s a good reason for that. As a completely open-source and unopinionated platform, we strive to accommodate many various datastores and flexible ways to interact with the data within. Depending on your business or project requirements, you will lean toward using either REST or GraphQL, so we designed our API to be able to accommodate both options.


Directus Spotlight: Layouts

Rijk van Zanten • Aug 11, 2022

At Directus, we’re dedicated to developing solutions that democratize data across the enterprise by enabling technical and non-technical users alike to browse, manage, visualize and connect to data easily. To that end, a key feature in our Core product – Layouts – provides the easiest, most efficient way to browse any collection of data, whether text, media, geospatial or temporal.


Create No-Code Dashboards for Easy Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

John Daniels • Aug 5, 2022

Data analytics and business intelligence are big buzzwords in today’s workplace, and the 2nd highest business function priority for IT leaders. With access to more data than ever, businesses can leverage analytics for a number of use cases, such as personalizing and optimizing the customer experience, streamlining operations, enhancing security, mitigating risk and accelerating business decisions. According to Finances online, 63% of companies say that improved efficiency is the top benefit of data analytics, while 57% say efficiency and more effective decision-making are key drivers.


Directus Spotlight: Permissions and Access Control

Rijk van Zanten • Aug 2, 2022

When you’re creating a data-driven project, such as a digital experience, internal tool or SaaS app, flexibility and control are essential. Directus strives to provide maximum flexibility through its various configuration options, but nowhere is that more crucial than within our open-ended users permissions for controlling data access.


Quickly Build Internal Tools to Connect, Manage and Visualize Your Company Data with Directus

John Daniels • Jun 27, 2022

In today’s data-driven business environment, enterprise tools and apps are an essential part of daily operations. They help employees collect, understand and share company data to streamline and simplify processes, reduce costs, and enhance collaboration and communication between business units, partners and customers. They can be small mobile apps or large-scale enterprise systems, and the typical organization has around 254 applications – some off-the-shelf and some proprietary.


Directus Flows: Automate Complex Data Processes for Your Digital Projects

Rijk van Zanten • Jun 16, 2022

Data is the life-blood of any digital project – and the Directus Open Data Platform is all about democratizing data so that you can access and use it to create amazing digital experiences, internal apps, and SaaS offerings. But with data being generated from various sources at unprecedented rates, automating data workflows is essential to eliminating manual tasks that can slow you down and inhibit innovation.


Directus Partner Program: The Ideal Solution for Digital Agencies

Ben Haynes • Jun 16, 2022

Running a successful digital agency is no easy task. You serve multiple customers at a time – each relying on you to build an engaging experience on top of a performant and stable backend infrastructure. To accomplish this, you must hire people with broad technical and creative expertise, and have the right developer tools on-hand to tackle any type of digital project – because you never know what type of deliverable a client will request.


Directus Unlocks the Full Potential of the Global Marketplace with Multilingual Capabilities

Rijk van Zanten • Jun 15, 2022

Today’s brands are increasingly global, and to maintain a strong global presence, localization must be prioritized. By localizing your digital presence – be it a website, a SaaS or an app – you can reach a wider audience and boost your SEO around the world to gain a competitive edge.

Case Study

Digital Agency Cucumber Uses Directus to Achieve 100% Lighthouse Scores for YIA Website

Ben Haynes • Jun 15, 2022

Founded in 2004, Cucumber is based in New Zealand that uses technology and innovation to solve complex real-world problems of all kinds for customers, with solutions that drive efficiency, sustainability and productivity. The company works across government (from local to central), research, and national and multinational enterprises.


Build Data-Driven SaaS Apps Fast & Efficiently with a Modern Data Backbone

Ben Haynes • Jun 10, 2022

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) is now commonplace in the enterprise – 99% of companies use at least one SaaS app, and organizations with more than 1,000 employees use more than 150. According to Garnter, the global SaaS industry is worth about $172 billion, and its annual growth rate is projected to surpass 17% in 2022.


How Does Directus Help You Democratize Your Data?

Michelle Maddox • Jun 6, 2022

Democratizing data company-wide is a goal for any modern enterprise, but many struggle to find a way to unlock their data. In the past, intuitive solutions for all users with varying technical skill levels were lacking, but thanks to Directus, democratizing data across your business for anyone to connect, manage and visualize data is easier than you may think. Directus seamlessly layers on top of any new or existing database, democratizing access to the data through a robust set of tools. Your data stays exactly as it was – no vendor lock-in, no migration. The API and a no-code application enable users – from engineers to non-technical business users – to quickly connect, manage and visualize data, to make informed business decisions.

Case Study

Thumbsmith Powers User-Friendly Link Preview SaaS with Directus

Rijk van Zanten • Jun 3, 2022

Thumbsmith Uses Directus to Power Dynamic Creation of Customized Link Previews Thumbsmith is an innovative SaaS app that enables developers to display customized link preview images – instead of generic ones – along with relevant information when they share links to content across platforms. The link preview thumbnails are dynamically generated based on customizable templates that Thumbsmith users can create in just a few clicks.


Unlock Your SQL Database with Directus

Michelle Maddox • Jun 2, 2022

Senior editor and writer of ActualTech, Keith Ward, recently interviewed Ben Haynes, Founder, and CEO of Directus, for his Spotlight Series. Ben provided some background and insight about the revolutionary new Open Data Platform, Directus, the first of its kind.


Backend-as-a-Service: The What, Why and How

Ben Haynes • May 31, 2022

Data is the foundation of any digital project – whether internal or external – but there is a lot that needs to be in place before you can connect that data to your application. First, you need a robust physical infrastructure, including the database, file storage, serverless autoscaling, and global content delivery. You also need properly documented middleware to handle authentication, access control, API connectivity, integration hooks, alerting, transactional email – the list goes on.

Case Study

Pushing Design Boundaries with Directus: UK Branding Agency Builds Innovative Digital Experiences to Promote Diversity & Sustainability

Ben Haynes • May 13, 2022

Held in Edinburgh and Burmingham, England, “Polinations” is a celebration of the diversity in culture and identy, and an opportunity to contemplate the complex histories around the migration, identity and culture of people in the UK. At the event, attendees explore and learn about indigenous trees and plants, listen to music and hear from expert speakers. It’s a carnival, Pride festival and celebration of life, all rolled into one.


Directus Community Cloud is Completely Free, with No Quota Limits on Usage (Seriously!)

Jonathan Wagner • May 11, 2022

You read that right! We’ve announced general availability for our new Community Cloud, and it’s completely free – forever – with no quota limits on usage.

Case Study

Enamic Develops Custom Logistics Solution for Vanguard, with Directus

Rijk van Zanten • Apr 25, 2022

Headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa, Enamic provides custom software support and development skills for a variety of digital projects to customers of all sizes. Their services range from building out digital infrastructure, web experiences and mobile apps, designing friendly UI/UX, or handling the backend development and maintenance for any project. According to Wayne Eldridge, Founder of Enamic, the sky’s the limit. “We’re all about building and innovating according to customers’ needs, whether that means updating and customizing an existing system, creating something from scratch, or anything in-between,” he said.


Quick Guide: Self-service, Pay-as-you-Go Pricing for Directus Standard Cloud

Jonathan Wagner • Apr 18, 2022

Directus Cloud is a tiered offering built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), which features a proven backend infrastructure, lightning-fast performance, an intuitive dashboard, and a growing number of cloud-exclusive extensions. In this blog post, we’ll review our Cloud offerings and take an in-depth look at how our self-service, usage-based pricing model for Standard Cloud can save you money while delivering exceptional flexibility and scale for your next project.


What Is a Headless CMS?

Michelle Maddox • Apr 11, 2022

In recent years, organizations have begun to shift away from using the monolithic systems that became popular in the early 2000s and are instead adopting headless CMS offerings. Today’s audiences don't just consume content on websites – they use an array of devices and channels to access content. Brands must be prepared to provide high-quality omnichannel digital experiences across a growing number of form factors – from apps and kiosks, to voice assistants, VR headsets, and digital signage. Headless CMS provides a better, more efficient, and secure way to manage and democratize content across devices and channels.


Directus and the Open Data Platform Concept: A Q&A with Directus Founder and CEO, Ben Haynes

Michelle Maddox • Mar 7, 2022

In a recent interview, Ben Haynes, Founder and CEO of Directus, provided some insight into how Directus evolved from a small headless CMS project to an Open Data Platform that democratizes data across organizations, powering data-driven apps and experiences that deliver rapid time to value.


Directus Announces General Availability of Directus Cloud

Michelle Maddox • Mar 1, 2022

Delivered as a Tiered Cloud Service on AWS, Directus Cloud Enables Users to Get Up and Running in Seconds and Experience Unprecedented Speed, Performance, Flexibility


Directus Cloud: Get Up and Running Quickly without Compromise

Michelle Maddox • Mar 1, 2022

We just announced general availability for Directus Cloud, a tiered cloud service that enables you to get up and running in seconds with our revolutionary Open Data Platform.


What Is an Open Data Platform?

Ben Haynes • Feb 24, 2022

Data is everywhere – and there’s more of it than ever. Every day, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is created, and by 2025, that number is expected to reach 463 exabytes globally. By 2025, 200+ zettabytes of data will be stored in the cloud. The numbers are staggering!


Welcome to the New and Improved Directus Website

Michelle Maddox • Feb 22, 2022

Exciting things are happening at Directus — not the least of which is the topic of this blog post: our Website redesign! But wait! Before you chalk this up to a marketing ploy, we’d like to explain why we tackled the task of redesigning our website, and why you’ll love the changes we’ve made, including **new usage-based pricing.**


How Directus Is Revolutionizing Data Management

Ben Haynes • Feb 9, 2022

In this blog post, Directus Founder and CEO, Ben Haynes, explains the significance of the Directus 9 release, describes its key features, and provides insights into his company’s vision for the future of data management.


Directus Launches Directus 9, the World’s First Open Data Platform

Michelle Maddox • Feb 2, 2022

Featuring a 100% JavaScript codebase, full support for any SQL vendor, and lightning-fast performance, Directus 9 powers any data-driven app or digital experience.


Automatic GraphQL and REST endpoint for Azure SQL with Directus

Michelle Maddox • Jan 20, 2022

Davide Mauri, senior program manager of Azure SQL, and Rijk van Zanten, CTO and Co-Founder of @Directus, share insight on how to get up and running with Directus, and explain how to host Directus itself on Azure App Service.


Directus Reaches 10 Million Docker Pulls — and Counting!

Ben Haynes • Oct 30, 2021

For 17 years, Directus has been building momentum in the developer community, making it easier for developers to get up and running quickly with a flexible and performant solution for building data-driven business applications.


Key Contributors Rewards Program

Ben Haynes • May 31, 2021

Our Key Contributors Program formally recognizes and rewards passionate individuals that stand out amongst the vast Directus community. This invite-only initiative is offered to those that provide ongoing, meaningful contributions to our ecosystem.


Introducing Directus 9: Release Candidate

Ben Haynes • Feb 5, 2021

Directus 9 is finally here, and it’s the biggest update we’ve released in the past 15 years. This article will describe what changed in this new version, and give some insight into the reasoning behind our more far-reaching decisions.


Welcome to Our Website

Ben Haynes • Nov 25, 2020

After completely overhauling Directus itself, we thought it only appropriate to do the same for our website. This new site is quite a bit more colorful and friendly — we hope you like it!

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