The Directus Agency Engine

A modern data stack to build anything... faster

Built-in auth, access control, caching, automation, and instant REST + GraphQL APIs for any SQL database, all 100% TypeScript and ready to be white-labeled for your agency clients.

Go from a client's database to your dev platform in 90 seconds

Directus instantly gives your team a developer toolkit for managing any SQL database model, its content and related file assets.

  • checkGraphQL+REST APIs based on your schema
  • checkA full JavaScript SDK
  • checkInsights Dashboard Reporting
  • checkRedis caching, rate-limiting, and security (CORS, SSO)
  • checkReal-time websockets and GraphQL subscriptions (coming soon)
  • checkCustom app & API extensions for a tailored client experience
id   status     title             category     image    favorite
1 active Rolling Hills landscape 420 true
2 active Pineapple Baby random 483 true
3 draft Headphones Alt products 23 false
4 review Pink Crystals random 311 true
5 active Avocado Toast food 1038 true
6 active Beach Chair products 459 true
7 draft Two Windows landscape 460 false
8 active Lolipops Galore food 1039 false
9 active Beautiful Bunny animals 1738 true
// GET /items/products/4
"id": 4,
"status": "review",
"title": "Pink Crystals",
"category": "random",
"image": {
"id": 311,
"name": "pink-crystals.png"
"date_added": "2020-11-12T17:56:41Z"

Your developers will never write an API again

Directus adds a connectivity layer for querying your client's database without changing its architecture or removing direct SQL query access.

  • checkWe introspect your database to instantly provide APIs
  • checkFull REST and GraphQL APIs, a JavaScript SDK, and CLI
  • checkSupport for CRUD, search, filter, group, aggregate, and sort
  • checkSchema manipulation (DDL) to define your data model
  • SQL
  • REST
  • GraphQL
  • SDK
GET /items/products/4?fields=*,,
"id": 4,
"status": "review",
"title": "Pink Crystals",
"category": "random",
"image": {
"id": 311,
"name": "pink-crystals.png"
"date_added": "2020-11-12T17:56:41Z"

Secure by design, private by default...

Deploy an Agency Asset Engine to store, transform, optimize, and deliver client assets

Getting original assets, generating transformations, or optimizing media quality is as easy as requesting what you want via a URL.

  • checkMake last-minute client edits, on-the-fly resizing, compression, and transformations
  • checkConnect with any local filesystem or S3/Google/Azure/Cloudinary-compatible storage
  • checkEasy-to-use URL-based API for media processing
  • checkAutomatic IPTC, EXIF and ICC metadata scraping
  • Original
  • Resize
  • Optimize
  • Advanced
  • Presets<file-id>?width=80&height=80&fit=cover
Generate cropped or contained thumbnails simply by requesting them via our Asset Engine's URL-API.

Meet your new Agency Cloud storage infrastructure...

A feature-rich & extensible developer toolkit

The Directus Agency Platform includes all the core capabilities you need to build amazing data-driven client projects faster and more efficiently. It is completely extensible, allowing you to continue adding client-requested features without having to worry about hitting a feature ceiling.

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Proven at scale with millions of downloads

Seamless integration with your favorite frameworks

Our unopinionated platform works with your current tech stack and won't limit your options as your business grows.

  • “We had departments using many different CMS. They ranged from extremely expensive to open-source projects. Directus has proven to be better than all the others.”

    Dr. Brian Myers
    Principal Cloud Engineer at Bose
  • In addition to our perfect rating on G2, Directus was also awarded six major accolades for the Summer 2022 quarter. These include High Performer, Easiest to Use, Best ROI, Most Likely to Recommend, and more.

    G2 — 5.0 out of 5 rating
    Summer 2022 Quarter
  • “Directus is a powerful tool offering a lot of flexibility. The back office is very intuitive and it’s possible to do many things. The tool can be used in open source and very customizable, Directus allowed us to develop websites using our favorite framework: next.js.”

    Kiril Gorbatenko
    CEO, Web Vision 360
  • “Directus is quite impressive about the potentials it have from a business point of view. The software is easy to configure and the community is very active continously improving the available functionalities and solving known issues”

    Vincenzo Lupia
    DevOps Developer, Doxee
  • “It started with the ease of "just quickly set up a project" for small projects, but we soon discovered that so much more was possible! We replaced a lot of our Laravel/Nova projects without writing additional extensions, if we do need custom logic it’s super easy.”

    Jeroen Ling
    Senior Frontend Developer & DevOps Engineer, Vanling
  • “Directus enabled us to make our own choices and set the YIA website up in the right way, whereas other more opinionated situations prohibit that freedom of choice.”

    Matt Skinner
    Technical Lead, Cucumber Digital Agency
  • Tripadvisor is using Directus to bring our products, data and content closer together. This will allow our users to plan and experience travel in new and innovative ways.”

    Antoine Veliz
    VP, Design at Tripadvisor
  • Directus unifies our data coming in from across the country, adding value, and redistributing the consolidated data back out to stakeholders with its built-in API. Directus also acts as a validation and improvement tool, allowing non-technical staff to manually verify or flag issues with generated data connections.”

    Brent Cartier
    Strategy Lead for Digital Services, Canadian Government

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