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With over 23 million downloads, Directus is the world's first Open Data Platform for instantly turning any SQL database into an API and beautiful no-code app.

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Our modular codebase is 100% JavaScript, leveraging the power of Node.js and Vue.js 3 for blazing-performance and easy extensibility.

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import { Directus } from '@directus/sdk';
const directus = new Directus('https://example.com');

await directus.items('articles').readByQuery({
search: 'introducing',
sort: ['date_published'],
limit: 1
"id": 430,
"title": "Introducing the All New Directus 10",
"date_published": "2023-04-26T18:10:43Z",
"author": {
"id": 43,
"name": "Benjamin Haynes"
"summary": "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet..."
1. Your Database

Directus installs on top of any SQL database

You remain in complete control of your new or existing database. No need to migrate to a proprietary data model, so there's no vendor lock-in.

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2. The Directus API

Save months building and maintaining your APIs

Design and build a production-grade REST+GraphQL API in minutes, with built-in authentication options, granular access control, and asset management

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3. The Directus No-Code App

Code-free data exploration and content management

Enable anyone (even the most non-technical business users) to author content, manage media, and visualize data in a beautiful, white-labeled app.

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4. Connected Projects

Internal dashboards to omnichannel experiences

The fastest way to build an admin panel, manage digital experiences content, power SaaS platforms, organize IoT data, or anything else you can dream up.

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Build with confidence on a proven platform

Directus is the world's leading Open Data Platform, with millions of downloads, thousands of active developers — and we're just getting warmed up.

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Use Cases

A flexible platform, endless solutions...

Database Abstraction

Instantly layers on top of any SQL database

Directus uses introspection to instantly provide a dynamic REST+GraphQL API based on your database schema. No need to migrate data into a proprietary data model or worry about vendor lock-in.

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