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An Open Data Platform with Endless Potential.

Far more than just a headless CMS, our data-first approach makes Directus a flexible solution for any data-driven application you can (or can't) think of.

Developers & Administrators

Take back control of your data, your code, and your stack.

Build a REST+GraphQL API just by defining your data model. Just choose a database vendor, and Directus stores your schema and content as pure SQL. You're always in total control, and your data stays pristine and portable.

Non-Technical Users

Enable data discovery, and streamline your content workflow.

Start exploring your data and managing content immediately, code-free, and no training required. Directus is the most intuitive data platform available, so it's easier, faster, and safer for non-technical users to dive right in.

Business Leaders

Accelerate your time to market to increase business potential.

Directus provides true data unity, breaking down departmental data silos, and giving your teams the agility to deliver more innovative products, faster. It's an end-to-end data supply chain, tailored to fit your business.

Use Cases

A flexible platform for all your data needs.

Directus can power any data-driven application, and increases value when orchestrating data for multiple services across your organization.

Use Case

Modern Stack Websites

A modern headless CMS for managing the content published to your omnichannel digitial experiences. Directus can power the most innovative dynamic websites you can dream up.

Use Case

JAMstack & Static Websites

Build secure, scalable, and performant sites with the power of the JAMstack (JavaScript, APIs, and Markup). Directus abstracts away your content and server operations, with webhooks to trigger builds.

Use Case

Internal Tools & Apps

Quickly build internal tools to manage your company's data. Directus makes it easy to create bespoke apps for tracking internal resources, client details, or team scheduling.

Use Case

Event-Driven Cloud Automation

Our flexible event and webhooks systems allow centralizing your company's data flow end-to-end, interconnecting microservices, and accelerating the automation of cloud native applications.

Use Case

Content Delivery Hub

Turn your data warehouse into a data distribution center. Directus lets you syndicate all of your database content with granular permissions, so you can leverage it throughout your ecosystem.

Use Case

Mobile & Native Apps

Whether building native or hybrid, the Directus API makes it easy to store data and deliver content to your gaming, business, education, lifestyle, and entertainment apps.

Use Case

Agile E-Commerce, Point-of-Sale, & Inventory Management

Interconnect customer, product, supplier, and inventory data to power your e-commerce and point-of-sale systems. You can even consolidate invoicing, allocation, and marketing services.

Use Case

Composable Business Framework

Break your organization into microservices, and leverage Directus to create an elastic data infrastructure that gives your business the ability to scale up or down on demand.

Use Case

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Create a robust and flexible system for managing and analyzing customer details and interactions. Find new synergies by combining this with other customer-related services, such as e-commerce.

Use Case

Global Marketing Localization & Newsletters

With support for multilingual content and a built-in transactional email system, Directus can deliver dynamic digital campaigns that are automated, targeted, and personalized.

Use Case

Project Management

An easy way to track your agency or freelance projects in a customizable app built to fit your needs. Use permissions to give your external clients access to view or manage certain data.

Use Case

Kiosks & Onsite Experiences

Install locally or conect via the cloud API to push real-time updates and allow dynamically changing content for kiosks, digital signage, wayfinding, installations, and more.

Use Case

Support Portal & Knowledgebase

From simple FAQs to full support ticketing systems, Directus enables you to easily design help desk platforms for internal staff or external users to get the answers they need.

Use Case

Internet-of-Things Data

Store all of the information collected by your distributed IoT sensors and devices in one, flexible datastore — or give your one-off microcontroller projects a data backbone in minutes.

Use Case

VR, AR, & Game Data

Even Pong saves high scores. User preferences, downloadable content, even the software packages themselves, give your games and virtual experiences a solid data foundation.

Use Case

Business Intelligence

Gain insights into your company's key performance metrics, and enable no-code exporation of business data. Aggregate raw data into Directus, and give your team meaningful and actionable analytics.

Use Case

Raw Data Visualization

Collect data from any source, normalizing and structuring it for faster discovery and exploration. Use built-in or custom charting to browse and filter enormous and complex datasets.

Use Case

Digital Asset Management

Aggregate and organize all your digital files in one place for speedier delivery and better searchability. Our asset middleware can be leveraged for generating image transformations on the fly.

Not seeing your specific use case above?

Just like there are infinite ways to utilize a database, there are also endless ways that Directus can help you democratize your data.