Road Map

We move quickly, so check back often

Our high-level roadmap extends at least a year out, but don't be surprised if things move a bit quicker. Less bureaucracy keeps our team agile and efficient.



What we are working on right now, and capabilities that were recently released. More details available via GitHub.



What we're planning to work on once the current docket is cleared. Contact us to discuss sponsoring tasks to accelerate their release.



These are the bigger tasks on our radar. We'd love to hear your thoughts on what should be added here!

Recent History


Notable releases and company advancements made over the past few months. More details available via GitHub.

Not finding something?

This is a high-level roadmap, and is certainly not exhaustive. Contact us for more info on specific features, or to discuss prioritizing something new.

Sponsored work
If you need a specific feature or fix accelerated, contact us for a quote to sponsor its development. Learn more
A dynamic list
This list can change at any time, and should not be relied upon. Only sponsored work has definite timelines. Contact sales

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