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The Directus 7 App is completely decoupled from the API, so you can now use one app to connect to any number of database instances & environments.

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Every aspect of the application can now be translated – even schema info like Collection and Field names. We currently support 10+ languages out-of-the-box.

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Revisions & Rollback

Every change you make, every item you break – we've got you covered. You can browse through all content edits and revert back to previous states.

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  • style Themeable
  • devices Responsive
  • bookmarks Bookmarking
  • low_priority Drag & Drop
  • extension Fully Extensible

Database Mirroring

Our API mirrors your database schema, giving you complete control over architecture and optimizations. That keeps your data as portable and accessible as possible.

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Event & Web Hooks

From user logins to item updates, every event in Directus has hooks for triggering custom code. Take things even further with web-hooks and post custom HTTP event callbacks.

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We've thoroughly vetted every endpoint and parameter in our new decoupled API. With no deprecations, you don't need to worry about any breaking changes in the future.

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  • code GraphQL Included
  • filter_list Advanced Filtering
  • photo_size_select_large Thumbnailer
  • visibility_off Granular Permissions
  • storage Storage Adapters

The Directus SDKs & API Clients. Develop projects in any language, connecting to your data through the Directus API or any of our many SDKs listed below.

50+ interfaces out-of-the-box for fine tuning your forms. Create, manage, and view your data like never before with these highly customizable components.



Core Interface

Allows for rich-text editing for long-form articles and text. Also supports inline images, tables, and much more.



Core Interface

Choose any number of nested fields and the repeater allows authors to create any number of reorderable JSON items.



Core Interface

Using the open-source Leaflet mapping system, this interface lets you easily save lat/lon coordinates with a click.



Core Interface

A dedicated calendar interface for quickly choosing a date. It also has options for min/max dates and formatting.



Core Interface

Simple, yet effective. Our toggle (or checkbox style) interface has options to show custom text when on or off.


Color Picker

Core Interface

Set predefined color options or allow custom color entry. Output can be saved as Hex, RGB, HSL, or even CMYK.



Core Interface

Our Markdown editor is great for formatted text that isn't web-specific. Supports side-by-side or tabbed preview.



Core Interface

It's much harder to read/enter numerical ratings. Choose a color and max rating for a more intuitive interface.

More free goodies. Many components of Directus are also useful standalone modules. We’ve made these libraries available so you can use them individually.



Automatically create thumbnails from higher-resolution images just by requesting a custom URL with parameters.

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System Status

This simple page for showcasing your project's current system status, and provides a history of incidents.

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Voting Tool

This little app gives your users a way to submit feature requests, and vote on which they think are best.

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