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We are a small team of extremely passionate developers, designers, and entrepreneurs working together to create the most intuitive and elegantly simple platform for managing agnostic content. We believe in stable, informed growth with every decision based on real-world usage and research. We have been carefully honing our software for over 14 years and are proud to offer it as free and open-source.

Join our growing team of passionate and talented staff. If you’re interested in joining the Directus team please reach out to one of our core members on Slack.

It's not easy building premium open-source software. If you would like to help ensure Directus stays free, please consider providing financial support through our Patreon.

We've been perfecting this platform for over fourteen years, slowly growing a dedicated community and a small team of passionate contributors. Our roadmap consistently extends one year out, filled with new features, performance optimizations, extensions, and other enhancements – but without proper funding, updates and fixes can be sluggish. Our core staff is currently subsidized by RANGER Studio (a digital agency in NYC), but this means that we are beholden to their resources and needs.

We would like Directus to become its own self-managing entity, but to do that we first need to cover the expense of servers and full-time engineers. Only then can we ensure Directus maintains its quality, continues to improve over time, and most importantly, stays free and open-source.

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