What is an Open Data Platform?

Open Data Platforms layer on top of the database, pulling everything they need from its schema, and generating dynamic APIs and a no-code app.

Data isn’t just for IT. Every individual in a business interacts with it — from the highly technical database administrator to non-technical business users across the organization. But in the past, databases were created and maintained by engineers using technical tools – and that required an in-depth understanding of relational schemas and proficiency with SQL. Less technical users had to depend on IT to build custom apps so they could access the data they needed.

The concept of the Open Data Platform changes everything by giving technical and non-technical users alike fast and secure access to data and content with a simple no-code app. It levels the playing field and removes barriers to data with a flexible, intuitive solution for browsing, managing and visualizing data – and powering any data-driven app or project.

As the first Open Data Platform, Directus is democratizing data across organizations, with a safe, simple and efficient way to leverage new and existing databases, and create powerful, data-driven apps and omnichannel experiences.

"Just 14% of enterprises today make data broadly accessible to employees."

Directus: One Platform, Limitless Possibilities

When we say Open Data Platform, we mean it. Directus enables endless possibilities for what you can create, providing maximum flexibility and utility across your organization. Whether you’re building a CMS, SaaS-based service, internal app, or data and analytics tools, Directus makes it fast and seamless with a single platform that eliminates silos and reduces operational overhead, giving you access to the data you need, where and when you need it. Learn more about use cases for Directus.

How Open Data Platforms Democratize Your Data
Read our whitepaper to learn how building an open data foundation allows you to take back control of your company’s data.
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Any SQL Database — Connected in Seconds

No need to reinvent the wheel — Directus installs right on top of any new or existing SQL database. Easily ingest, fetch or update data using the Directus REST+GraphQL API, JavaScript SDK, or even pure SQL, and enjoy advanced capabilities like caching, rate-limiting, real-time data websockets and GraphQL subscriptions. You can even write logic to tailor the core Directus API responses, or create new endpoints altogether. Responses stay clean and performant – and your schema and content remain intact. Learn more about the platform.

Goodbye Bottlenecks

Database Mirroring enables you to dynamically generate custom API endpoints based on your SQL database’s schema in real-time, or bypass the middleware and connect via SQL queries. The choice is yours. You gain direct access to pure, unaltered data – no latency, limitations or vendor lock-in.

"87% of executives say frontline staff require improved insights, driven by technology, to make good “in the moment” decisions."
Harvard Business Review

You’re Always In Control

Whether you install fresh or on top of an existing database, you always maintain end-to-end control over your actual database – tables, columns, data types, default values, indexes, relationships and more. The data remains pristine and portable, giving you full control without risk.

Flexible to Meet Your Skill Level

With the Directus Open Data Platform, non-technical users have simple, no-code options for installing, configuring and using the platform in meaningful ways, while more advanced users can leverage progressively powerful features depending on their skills. Directus is customizable and extensible, to meet your specific needs. Learn about how to extend the Directus platform.

Open-Source from the Get-Go

While many others claim to be open-source, they may place artificial limitations that force users to pay for a license. With Directus, there are no paywalls and no feature ceiling – just premium software that’s completely open-source. Read about the platform’s creators and contributors.

A Community Effort

Directus benefits from a rapid, iterative development cycle based on real-world user feedback, from millions of developers who have downloaded our App on Docker. As we’re entirely open-source, we are eager for input from our thriving user community. The platform is shaped by their needs and requests, and we strive to leverage their input to continuously improve and exceed user expectations. Join the conversation with our growing community on Discord and Github.

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