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Build a blog with Nuxt 3 & Directus

By Conner Bachmann on April 7, 2022

Build a blog with Nuxt 3 & Directus

This guide shows you how to build a blog with Nuxt 3 and Directus step by step.

What is Nuxt 3?

Nuxt 3 is an open source framework making web development simple and powerful. With Vue 3 and experience hybrid rendering, powerful data fetching and new features. Visit the offical website.

Setup 🚀

1. Create a new Nuxt 3 project

npx nuxi init my-blog

cd my-blog/

npm install

This created your Nuxt 3 application 💚.

2. Create your Directus application here

3. Install the Directus module & a CSS framework. We use TailwindCSS in this guide.

npm install nuxt-directus @nuxtjs/tailwindcss

4. Start the development server.

npm run dev

Your Nuxt 3 application is now running at http://localhost:3000.

Configuration ⚙️

1. Update your nuxt.config.ts

Change the URL to your Directus server in the configuration and add the modules we just installed. ✨

import { defineNuxtConfig } from "nuxt3";

export default defineNuxtConfig({
modules: ["nuxt-directus", "@nuxtjs/tailwindcss"],
directus: {
url: "https://<my-project-slug>",

Create a collection in the Directus admin dashboard 📄

Creating a Directus collection

We call this collection blog, we can add an ID by selecting Type Generated UUID. Now, we check the box date_created to have a date for the blog post.

Create two new fields:

Configure the Directus model

Input field: title (type string required) - Title of the Blog article. Input field: short_content (type string required) - Short description of the article content. And a textarea field: content (type string required) - Article content.

Our blog data model should look like this:

Custom fields

Configure the Directus permissions 🛑

Add the permission to see all items to the public role in the just created blog collection.

Update roles & permissions

Go to your collection and create example items.

You are ready to code! 💻

Open your Editor (In this Guide: Visual Studio Code) and go to the directory of the Nuxt project

Delete the file app.vue, and create a new file pages/index.vue.

This is our new homepage.

Add the script to the page

<script setup>
const { getItems } = useDirectusItems();

const posts = await getItems({ collection: "blog" });

Now the page fetches the Blog collection items from your Directus server.

Create the page content:

<div class="px-4 py-16 mx-auto sm:max-w-xl md:max-w-full lg:max-w-screen-xl md:px-24 lg:px-8 lg:py-20">
<div class="max-w-screen-sm sm:text-center sm:mx-auto">
<h2 class="mb-4 font-sans text-3xl font-bold tracking-tight text-gray-900 sm:text-4xl sm:leading-none">My Directus Blog</h2>
<p class="text-base text-gray-700 md:text-lg sm:px-4">Sed ut perspiciatis unde omnis iste natus error sit voluptatem accusantium doloremque rem aperiam, eaque ipsa quae.</p>
<hr class="w-full my-8 border-gray-300" />
<div class="grid gap-5 lg:grid-cols-3 sm:max-w-sm sm:mx-auto lg:max-w-full" v-for="post in posts">
<div class="overflow-hidden transition-shadow duration-300 bg-white rounded">
<div class="py-5">
<p class="mb-2 text-xs font-semibold text-gray-600"></p>
<NuxtLink :to="`/articles/${}`" class="inline-block mb-3 text-black transition-colors duration-200 hover:text-deep-purple-accent-700"><p class="text-2xl font-bold leading-5 text-blue-800"></p></NuxtLink>
<p class="mb-4 text-gray-700"></p>

Home Preview

Now all your blog posts will be displayed on the page, if you click on the title you will be redirect to a blank page, to fix this we create a dynamic page.

Create a new file pages/articles/[].vue

<div class="px-4 py-16 mx-auto sm:max-w-xl md:max-w-full lg:max-w-screen-xl md:px-24 lg:px-8 lg:py-20">
<div class="max-w-screen-sm sm:text-center sm:mx-auto">
<h2 class="mb-4 font-sans text-3xl font-bold tracking-tight text-gray-900 sm:text-4xl sm:leading-none"></h2>
<hr class="w-full my-8 border-gray-300" />
<p class="text-base text-gray-700 md:text-lg sm:px-4"></p>

<script setup>
const { getItemById } = useDirectusItems();
const route = useRoute();

const post = await getItemById({ collection: "blog", id: });
if (!post) throwError("No article found, 404");

If you click on the title of an article you will be redirected to a dynamic page, which gets the id and fetches the corresponding article and renders it.

Slug page Preview

We are finished!

We created a simple and minimalistic blog using Nuxt 3 and Directus. The design can be customized at any time, this guide should only show step-by-step how to build a blog. TailwindCSS did a lot of the design work for us, the nuxt-directus module gives us a quick and easy solution to access our Directus server.

If you have questions feel free to ask on the Nuxt Discord Server or Directus Discord Server You can find the code here:

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