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Directus Partner Program: The Ideal Solution for Digital Agencies

By Benjamin Haynes on June 16, 2022

Running a successful digital agency is no easy task. You serve multiple customers at a time – each relying on you to build an engaging experience on top of a performant and stable backend infrastructure. To accomplish this, you must hire people with broad technical and creative expertise, and have the right developer tools on-hand to tackle any type of digital project – because you never know what type of deliverable a client will request.

Unfortunately, given the competitive nature of the business, there’s also extreme pressure to create these amazing digital projects quickly and cost-effectively. This brings us to a common problem: every time you start a new project, before you can focus on creating a uniquely innovative frontend for your customer, you must first do the tedious work of recreating the backend boilerplate.

Built for the Unique Needs of Digital Agencies

Ben Haynes, Founder and CEO of Directus, knows this dilemma all too well. While running a digital agency in New York City, he identified this critical bottleneck in the development process. “Whether building experiences for startups or established leaders like Google, Snapchat, AT&T, and Audi, before we could innovate on the unique frontend, we were routinely bogged down creating repetitive backend boilerplate,” he said.

Ben decided to prototype a unified data platform that was powered by the same introspection used within highly technical database administration tools, but ensure the platform was safe and intuitive enough to be used by any of his clients. “This approach enabled our agency to simply define a project's data model, and the APIs and client-facing administration app would be generated automatically,” he said.

From this concept, Directus was born, purpose-built to help developers deliver more robust and refined projects to their clients, in far less time. Since then, Directus has evolved to become the world’s first Open Data Platform – a comprehensive solution for building out not only digital experiences but high-performing SaaS applications, internal apps and data & analytics platforms, as well.

From one-person design shops to large and growing digital agencies, Directus is cost-effective, easy to deploy and use, and flexible enough to adapt to a wide range of projects. With more than 19 million downloads to date, Directus is quickly becoming the platform of choice for digital agencies.

What Is the Directus Partner Program?

Digital agencies can leverage Directus to accelerate time-to-market with full-featured digital projects, while eliminating the high cost of backend engineers and complex infrastructure. The relationship is symbiotic, because digital agencies are active contributors to the Directus open-source codebase, and they help to continually refine and improve it. Once they see how easy it is to build engaging digital projects with Directus, they become its biggest advocates.

"With Directus, Enamic has the tools we need to build highly customized, easy-to-use internal apps that meet the unique needs of a wide range of customers.” –Wayne Eldridge, Founder, Enamic

It’s this symbiotic relationship that inspired us to create The Directus Partner Program. Designed specifically to meet the needs of digital agencies, The Directus Partner Program provides access to premium developer tools at customized volume discount pricing, enabling you to deliver high-performing, data-driven projects to clients faster and cost-effectively.

There are numerous benefits to becoming a Digital Agency Partner:

  1. You’ll reduce project costs. With Directus, you have a ready-made data backbone, eliminating the need to rebuild the boilerplate backend from scratch over and over again. The platform automatically generates REST and GraphQL APIs, flexible authentication options and automation workflows, and provides a no-code data studio where your clients can manage all of their project data. You won’t need to hire as many costly backend/full-stack engineers, and you’ll be able to move straight to creating your beautiful, engaging frontend.
  2. You’ll create new revenue streams. While CMS solutions like WordPress and Drupal or headless CMS vendors like Contentful and Netlify offer very little flexibility and are limited to managing content, Directus is extremely flexible and can be used to power any type of data-driven project. An Insights module delivers valuable analytics and reporting, and Flows enables robust automation workflows. These are just two examples of value-added capabilities that you can offer to your customers.
  3. You’ll acquire new business. Directus works with a wide range of organizations that often require application development. As a partner, you’ll gain access to promotional opportunities across our vast network of over 19 million users.

Other benefits agencies typically realize as they access our Core product and Cloud offering include:

  • Robust infrastructure and lighting-fast CDN with no CAPEX investment
  • Brand, theme and style projects to your clients’ specifications with a completely white-label platform
  • A completely unopinionated solution that adapts to your existing tech stack and business requirements – or your client’s
  • Intuitive no-code App lets you hand off projects to clients to access, manage and visualize all their data
  • Built-in, powerful digital asset management capabilities
  • Support for 55+ languages for international clients
  • Customizable data flows for webhooks, automation and alerts
  • No-code dashboards for meaningful insights into your data at a glance
  • Support for your engineers within our large community of users via Discord
  • Guides and tutorials to help you along the way

There are numerous other program perks, as well! In addition to custom volume pricing, you’ll receive dedicated training from our platform experts. Plus, you’ll gain visibility with a certified Directus Partner badge and a listing on our website, to spotlight your agency's services. We’ll even send your team a care package of Directus swag.

Check out our partner site to learn why digital agencies love Directus, and fill out this short form today, to become a Directus Digital Agency Partner.

Haven’t tried Directus yet? Spin up a project today to test drive the platform. We can’t wait to see what you’ll build!

Questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out.

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