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Directus Cloud: Get Up and Running Quickly without Compromise

By Benjamin Haynes on March 1, 2022

So you want to get started using Directus because you’ve heard about it on Product Hunt. Or maybe you noticed that it’s been pulled from Docker by more than 19 million times (and counting). You know it would be great for helping you build innovative apps to leverage all of your data safely across the enterprise, but you’re hesitant because you want to avoid the effort and expense of building and maintaining infrastructure to support it. You want your apps to be performant and reliable, but your team is already stretched thin. You may think to yourself, “It would be awesome to use Directus as a service, instead of managing it on-premises.”

Great news! We just announced general availability for Directus Cloud, a tiered cloud service that enables you to get up and running in seconds with our revolutionary Open Data Platform. We’ve done all the heavy lifting to ensure unprecedented speed, performance and flexibility as you build amazing digital experiences and internal apps with Directus.

Directus Cloud gives you service-based access to everything developers love about the Directus platform – and it’s built on a proven backend infrastructure to deliver lightning-fast performance. We’ve also created an all new, more intuitive dashboard for managing projects, teams, and billing. Plus service features additional cloud-exclusive extensions to enhance our core platform's capabilities.

As you know, the Directus platform has always been completely open-source, with no paywalls or feature ceiling. Now, Directus Cloud will enable all levels of users – from the hobbyist working on a personal product to large enterprises looking to democratize data across their organizations – to create and start working on projects immediately.

The team here at Directus has spent years obsessing over our cloud architecture so that we can provide our customers with the most secure, performant and scalable data infrastructure possible. Directus Cloud is incredibly fast, regardless of the size or location of your organization – whether you're a small startup or a Fortune 100 company.

Tiered Offering Provides Options and Scalability

Directus Cloud is a modular solution that you can adopt incrementally. Here are the three options we’re offering for starting your journey with us:

  1. Community Cloud: To help bring the spirit of open-source to the cloud and give back to our amazing developer community, we're proud to announce this completely free tier of service. Community Cloud enables anyone to use Directus to spin up proofs-of-concepts or hobby projects, for free. Community Cloud users can create projects from scratch or leverage a pre-built demo to quickly take a look around. Plus they’ll get great support from the Directus community via our Discord channel, where thousands of engineers come together to exchange ideas and their experiences with Directus every day.

    Our goal with Community Cloud is to keep the innovation going, with access to a full-featured, cloud-based version of Directus. Just like the Standard and Enterprise offerings, 24/7 system monitoring, asset storage and encryption in transit is included.

    March 2023 Update: free isn't always so free. We've paused the creation of new Community Cloud projects.

  2. Standard Cloud: Have a smaller production project (and budget)? Take advantage of Standard Cloud offering, which features per-hour usage-based pricing. A low monthly fee provides unlimited access to all the same functionality as Directus Core, along with those cloud-exclusive extensions we mentioned earlier. Standard Cloud uses a global CDN that mitigates spikes and lulls in network traffic and usage, and leverages vertical and horizontal auto-scaling, so you always experience incredibly fast performance.

    Worried about losing data? Don’t be! Standard Cloud comes with automated backups. We also provide automated updates and migrations, so you can rest easy and benefit from our fast-paced release schedule, without having to download anything manually. As your needs change, you can easily upgrade to…

  3. Enterprise Cloud: This tier of our cloud offering provides infinite flexibility and scale for powering large projects or entire companies. Includes premium 24/7 support and a 99.99% uptime SLA. In addition to benefiting from all of the features of the Standard Cloud offering, our Enterprise Team works closely with Enterprise customers to ensure the entire configuration fits their needs, including caching, rate-limiting, authentication options and more.

    Another great thing about Enterprise Cloud is that it runs on dedicated servers in a single-tenant environment. You won't have to share resources with anyone else. Importantly, you can choose your infrastructure region to optimize performance for teams in various global locations.

Using Directus is not just intuitive, it provides an excellent developer experience, too. We are committed to enabling users to leverage their rich data stores effectively. These goals also fueled our decision to rebuild the original Directus platform to be 100% JavaScript, with full support for every SQL vendor out there. We’ll continue to listen to our growing community of users to understand how we can keep improving and enhancing the Directus platform, and make it even easier – and more fun – to build innovative internal data tools and power omnichannel digital experiences.

Learn more about Directus Cloud or get started with a project today.

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